​"Heinz has served as a mentor to me within BASF Corporation. His leadership style is one that you hope to mimic, as
he was excellent at planning and executing his goals, leaving no detail to slip through the cracks. Heinz constantly proposes books and programs to better oneself while always keeping an eye on the benefit. I'll always be looking to
​him for guidance."

Karl Pittard, Ph.D.  |  Project Manager at Ascend Performance Materials  |  December 2008​​​

"I met Heinz through his engaging career road-map workshop and found him to be very motivating for young people entering our company. Heinz gave me the tools that I needed to decide on my future with BASF. He focuses on what someone loves to do and helps develop their success. Not only is he a strong leader, but he has a wealth of experience and knowledge that he loves to impart on others on a daily basis. He is a visionary and an extraordinary mentor!"

Stephanie Barkiewicz  |  Program Manager at BASF  |  February 2016

"I have known Heinz for 15 years and have had the pleasure and privilege of reporting to him for 5 of those years. He
is a brilliant scientist, but he has made a far greater difference in my life as a mentor and a career coach. Heinz has an infectious enthusiasm and the ability to see problems as opportunities, and then act on those opportunities to enact positive change. There is no one I would trust more to listen to my thoughts and help me construct a career roadmap."

Chris Utz, Ph.D.  |  Technical Manager at BASF  |  February 2016

"I encourage you to consider this "Renaissance Man" for career coaching and motivational speaking. Heinz is a husband, father, athlete, scientist, humorist, professor, musician, communicator, planner and gentleman farmer. His integrity and ethics are impeccable. Heinz is a generous and wise man that you will greatly benefit from your relationship with."
Dennis Clanton  |  Pastor at Woodland Church  |  November 2016

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