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Time Effectiveness

Time Effectiveness

Learn about the Dirty Dozen Productivity Pirates...and HOW TO DEFEAT THEM!
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Career Planning

Career Planning

Create a Career ROADMAP that gets you to that Next Step.
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Organization Transformation

Take Your Organizational Culture from GOOD to GREAT!
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“I met Heinz through his engaging career roadmap workshop, and found him to be motivating and very directional for young people entering our company. He gave me the tools that I needed to decide on my future with BASF; he focuses on what one loves to do and helps to develop and hone success. Not only is he a strong leader, but he has a wealth of experience and knowledge that he loves to impart on others on a daily basis. He is a visionary and an extraordinary mentor.”

Stephanie Barkiewicz, BASF

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QuantumQik Careers

Why QuantumQik careers?

You Get a Personalized Plan
Together, we’ll create a personalized career plan with an outlook of 1 to 10 years into the future.
A Smoother Transition
For effectiveness, we’ll create a strategic career transition plan and process.
You Get a Branding Strategy
We’ll establish a personal branding approach with LinkedIn connections, resumes, interviews, etc.
Access to Career Development Resources
Stay in the know with the latest & greatest career management skills in networking, communication, resumes, interviewing, etc.

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