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We attribute the success of our clients to our forward-thinking career planning and development approach. Our clients is our passion, and it’s demonstrated in our every interaction. We realize that every client may share a common struggle or a win, but everyone’s needs are unique, and specific to them. So we keep our process individual-specific, that’s uniquely geared towards You!

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Heinz Plaumann, Ph.D.

Heinz Plaumann, Ph.D.

With 30 years of global industrial and academic experience…I hold several advanced degrees, and have been in senior management for much of my career, as well an adjunct professor at several universities.

I’ve coached hundreds of colleagues, clients and friends to more successful Careers, to lives fully lived. Helping many organizations become more productive through improved Time Effectiveness, and into high-power productive Work Cultures – places that perform AND are fun to work at.

During my career, I’ve coached and mentored many colleagues, to achieve up to Director or Vice Presidential levels – doing this informally through my technical and business leadership roles for over 20 years. When I left industry, it was natural for me to create an enterprise that allowed me to continue following my passion – to help others EXCEED THEIR PERCEIVED POTENTIAL!

This is one of my biggest rewards and motivators, to see others achieve this level of Career Success!

My first exposure to the Time Effectiveness methods came in the mid 1980’s, when everything was still “paper-based”. Even though the tools are new, the Principles are the Same: First things First! Cut out all the less important and FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS on high-value adds.

The testimonials praising Capturing the Productivity Pirates is a strong motivator – helping people get to THAT LIFE FULLY LIVED!


• Over 30 years of global industrial and academic experience.
• Holding several advanced degrees, has been in senior management for much of his career, as well an adjunct professor at several universities.
• Coached hundreds of colleagues, clients and friends to more successful careers, to lives fully lived. Has helped many organizations become more productive through improved Time Effectiveness.
• Helped many organizations turn into high-power productive work cultures – places that perform AND are fun to work.

Marilyn Plaumann

Marilyn Plaumann


• Over 20 years marketing and business experience – to help your Career and Organizational Transformation!
• Both business (BBA) and Technical (B.S. Chemistry) and IRS Enrolled Agent certification qualify Marilyn to SUPPORT YOUR PROJECTS!
• Expertise in market and business analysis but also strength in lending “personal touch” to your projects for QuantumQik Careers!

A personalized Approach to career development

We can help connect your Purpose to Career Decision-making.

We’re Your Experts at Navigating Through tough career Transitions!

From making a career change, to starting a brand new career, or mapping your career goals out, we’re your experts at helping you navigate through the those tough decisions and how to manage during your transitions.

Managing a successful career starts the your purpose as the foundation. We have a variety of methods to help you define your values and interests, so you can use this as your guide forward in your career choice. Together, we’ll explore the best options for you and create a strategic plan with goals to move you toward your dream career!

1. Self-Discovery

2. Create Options

3. Make a Plan

4. Work the Plan

Flexible Pricing Options Available!

A tiered approach to provide the right level of support for you.

Option 1

Career Roadmap + Industry Connections
$ 95
  • Create a Career Roadmap
  • Access to LinkedIn Connections
  • Job Posting Assistance
  • Resume Review + Writing Assistance

Option 2

Preparation for the Interview + Techniques
$ 100
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Company Research Techniques
  • Post Interview Follow-up Techniques

Option 3

Roadmap + Connections + Interview Prep
$ 195
  • Career Roadmap
  • LinkedIn Connections
  • Job Posting
  • Resume Assistance
  • Interviewing
  • Presentation
  • Company Research
  • Post Interview Follow-up

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